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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Therapy right for me?

This is a question only you can answer! Whilst therapy is not the only way to make changes to your life, people feel talking about their thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential environment free from judgement is often a liberating experience. When we talk to friends and relatives, it can often be difficult as we are worried what they might think.

What will Person Centred Therapy be like?

What it won’t be is me telling you what to do! The biggest concern I hear is people thinking therapy may involve an ‘expert’ telling them what is wrong with them or instructing them what they should do. In fact, the type of therapy I employ is quite the opposite. It is founded in the principle that YOU are the expert of you and only you have the answers to the challenges you face. What I will do however, is provide you with the conditions which you may feel able to explore your thoughts and feelings at your own speed. Rather than giving you a set of ‘coping mechanisms’ for dealing with challenges you face, our goal will be to deal with the underlying cause of these feelings and in doing so, allow you freedom from them.

Will everything I say be treated in confidence?

From the moment you make contact, your therapist is bound by the confidentiality agreement and the code of ethics as prescribed by the BACP, the Counselling and Psychotherapy governing body. The only rare occasion that this may need to be breached is if you disclose that someone may be at serious and imminent risk of harm or if a serious crime (such as drug trafficking) has been disclosed. In this case, we will discuss what the next steps should be and if necessary, the relevant people will be informed.

Do you do concessionary rates?

Yes! Please ask about this when you enquire. I believe in charging fair prices that people can afford whatever their circumstances. Whether you are experiencing financial difficulty, a student or even a trainee counsellor, I will do my best to ensure this is not a barrier to therapy.

Ok, I’m curious in seeing if therapy with you can help me, what now?

You can get in touch either through email, phone or the contact page at the bottom of the website. I realise the hardest part may be making this initial contact and am familiar speaking to clients who are unsure or nervous. Having had a 10-minute chat, should you decide to have a first introductory session, this will last 50 minutes. This session will be to determine if us working together would be beneficial for you. Thereafter clients normally like to meet on a weekly basis although this can be negotiated to meet your needs.

Where are you based?

We are situated in Milton Hall, a beautiful building on Deansgate in the heart of Manchester City Centre.

Any other questions, please

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