Social media

A survey last year suggested that 50% of 16-18year olds felt that they were 'addicted' to their phones whilst 75% of them felt they 'had' to respond to notifications such as texts and 'likes' on Instagram instantly. The NHS has recognised this as such an issue that they have created the first dedicated service for 'internet disorder' for 13-25 year olds.

The science behind gambling addiction and gaming/social media is the same and what can remain fine for many, can become a dependency for others, having a negative impact on other aspects of their lives and a crutch to prevent dealing with other issues.


There are many other aspects of online consumption that we are only starting to recognise as potential harms for young people, an obvious one being the impact Instagram has on youngsters in terms of body image, eating disorders and online bullying.

If you feel you are becoming dependent on social media or know someone who has, get in touch today.